C C Jensen OilAbsorb Filters

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CJC™ OilAbsorb Filters are designed to polish oil-contaminated water, removing oil down to levels below 5 ppm.

Based on a unique absorption principle with a specially developed and patented MLC Insert (Multi Layer Cartridge), CJC™ OilAbsorb Filters absorb even emulsified oil from bilge water, process and waste water, ensuring environmentally friendly operations and constant compliance with legal requirements.

Typical applications are marine bilge water systems, waste water treatment, rinse water and process water for recycling purposes.

With low operational costs, and practically no maintenance requirements, the CJC™ OilAbsorb Filter is a cost-effective solution to bilge- and waste water problems within industry and marine applications (complies with MEPC 107(49) resolution).

CJC™ OilAbsorb filters your guarantee for clean water!

  OilAbsorb filters (321 KB)

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