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Bell Housings - Aluminium

  • to suit metric frame electric motors
  • Single or two 2 Piece construction

Noiseless Bell Housings

  • Significant noise reduction compared to metal Bell Housings -
  • 2 piece to suit 63 frame to 180 frame


  • Various sizes, bores,
  • Aluminium - straight keyed , Steel - splined 9T, 13T and 14T


Tank Top Return Line Filters

  • Return line filters designed for installation above tank cover.
  • Max. working pressure 3 bar. Flows up to 300 lt/min.
  • Working temperature -40 +90 Celsius.


Diffusers are especially useful to slow down oil speed when it is returning to the tank.
They greatly reduce noise level, turbulence and foaming problems in the oil tank.

Suction / Return Line Filters

  • Suction or return line filters to be mounted with filter housing completely inside the oil tank.
  • They can be directly connected to the pump inlet or manifold return line "T".
  • They're entirely made in aluminium.
  • Max. working pressure 25 bar. Flows up to 250 lt/min.

Spin on Type Filters

  • Spin-On type filters with disposable elements, suitable for applications on suction or return lines.
  • In line or Tank Top
  • Max working pressure 12 Bar. Flow up to 300 Lt Min.
  • Working temperature -40 to +90 deg C. Wide range of element ratings on request.

Clogging Indicators

  • Visual or electric clogging indicators.
  • Easy and cheap way of monitoring element clogging on our filters type SO, UCF, RTF, etc.

Pressure Gauges

  • 63mm Diameter glycerine filled, stainless steel case,
  • Bottom and Rear entry
  • 10 - 400 Bar


  • Filters to be mounted on the pump suction line for flows from 12 to 500 lt/min.
  • Standard filtration is 125 mm. Other micron ratings and by-pass valve available on request.
  • Working temperature -40 + 90 Celsius.
  • They can be used with mineral oils, lubricant, cooling liquids etc.

Level & Temp Gauge Indicators

  • 76mm, 127mm and 250mm bolt centres, 10 and 12mm Bolts
  • Temperature Option

Filler Breathers

  • Tank Mounted Air Breathers
  • Threaded and flanged

Lockable Filler Breathers

  • Tank Mounted Lockable Air Breathers,
  • 5 um replaceable filter element
  • easy to fit with one 65mm hole

Pump Port Adaptors

  • 30mm, 40mm and 51mm bolt PCD 90 degree to suit European group style Ports
  • 35mm and 40mm bolt PCD 90 degree to suit German style Ports

Oil Reservoirs

  • Constructed in steel plate, oil and rust proof pre-painted,
  • Sizes 12 Litre to 180 Litre

Hand Pumps

  • Tankless Hand Pump (lever ø27x600 mm)
  • Single Acting with tank & Leaver no relief
  • Double Acting with tank & Leaver no relief
  • Tanks available 1-10 litres

Power units include Steel Reservoir, vertical mounted gear pump, pressure outlet, tank top filter, relief valve, filler breather and level temperature gauge.

Flows 1.5- 65 LPM

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