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Oil Solutions supply Accumulators from a number of manufactures



  • Bladder Accumulators
  • Diaphragm Accumulators
  • Bladders
  • Safety Blocks
  • Charging Kit

The oldest manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators, OLAER provides a full range of bladder accumulators, membrane accumulators and piston accumulators. They can be used in a wide range of applications such as energy storage, pulsation dampening or surge alleviation. The OLAER group has a very strong presence in highly requiring industries, such as Aerospace, Nuclear or Armament.

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Accumulator Charging & Test Kits



Accumulator Charging & Test Kits include the following:



Charging Kit #STA-CK-1

Attache Case

Charging/pre - loading/gauge set (250 Bar)

Hose assembly - 2m

7.8" UNF Charging Adaptor

0.302 x 32 TPI Charging Adaptor

¼" ISO 228 Charging Adaptor


Valve tool

Cylinder adaptor type 50 for N2 bottle


 Stauff Charging Kit STA-CK-1 (112 Kb)

Charge kit VGU/F 25/250

Attache Case

Charging head with 2 Pressure Gauges (25 & 250 bar) fitted to charging head with required pressure scale

Hose assembly – 2.5 m & Charging Adaptors

0.302 x 32 TPI

5/8" UNF (European style) gas valve

7/8" - 14 UNF

M28 x 1.5

1/4" BSP

(Cylinder adaptor Not Included)

 Olaer Charging Kit VGU/F 25/250 (202 KB)



The charging kit allows hydro-pneumatic accumulators, whether bladder type, diaphragm type or piston type, to be charged with nitrogen to the desired pressure. For this purpose, the kit is connected to a commercially available nitrogen cylinder by a flexible hose. Suitable for Hydac

The kit can also be used by technicians to check the current gas pre-charge pressure. The control valve incorporates a pressure gauge to permit direct pressure readings as well as a check valve to prevent back flow in the case of low pressures in the nitrogen cylinder. A manual bleed valve allows excess pressure to be reduced to the desired operating pre-charge level.

The universal charging kit VGU/F 25/250 allows the charging of a wide variety of accumulators, including Hydac. Adaptors supplied in the kit suit US or European style gas valves as well as the OFC standard ranges.

We can supply the charging kit with an optional nose adaptor for connecting directly to a high pressure nitrogen cylinder. However, please note that OLAER recommend the use of a nitrogen regulator (readily available from your gas supplier) to prevent damage to the bladder during charging

The permanently mounted gauging/charging head allows precharge pressure monitoring (when the accumulator is isolated from system pressure & bled). The Universal Charge Kit is still required for initial pre-charging as well as pre-charge maintenance

The Olaer 105CKXX Kit is no longer available as it doesn’t meet current safety standards

Pre charging of Accumulators Video

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