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CC Jensen Off-line Filter Units

CJC have a wide range of off-line units complete with integral circulating pumps, and are recognised the world over for their efficient purification systems.

The CJC Filter Inserts are depth filters with a rating of 3 micron absolute (~B3>75) offering a very high dirt holding capacity. Their pump capacities range from 0.75 to 100 Litres/Minute. They also have Filter Separator units combining off-line filtration with continuos water separation.

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HDU 15/25 PV Fine Filter Unit

This unit is ideal for hydraulic systems, including power packs & injection moulding machines. They have flow rates between .75 and 5 litres/minute with single or 3-Phase electric motors. The Filter element has a contamination capacity of approximately 2 litres making it a very economical unit to operate. It will remove a gram of contamination for approximately 25 cents.

CJC HUD 27/27 Fine Filter Unit

The HUD 27/27 has been designed for medium to large hydraulic and lubrication systems with flow rates of 5 to 28 litres/minute, for both land based and marine use. These larger units are even more economical removing a gram of contamination for approximately 11 cents.

Other units are supplied in a wide range of configurations including mobile units, with or without a drain tank and options including electronic control and monitoring. CJC units are very efficient and would be some of the most economical units to on the market to operate.

PTU Coalescer Filter Separators Unit

CJC™ Filter Separators combine fine filtration with water separation all in one unit, with an integrated circulating pump. They are designed for use in applications containing hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, lubrication oil, etc., in which water ingress is a constant or recurrent problem.

OilAbsorb Filters

CJC™ OilAbsorb Filters are designed to polish oil-contaminated water, removing oil down to levels below 5 ppm.
Based on a unique absorption principle with a specially developed and patented MLC Insert (Multi Layer Cartridge), CJC™ OilAbsorb Filters absorb even emulsified oil from bilge water, process and waste water, ensuring environmentally friendly operations and constant compliance with legal requirements

Installing Off-Line filter Units


An Off line Filter Unit correctly installed in a separate filtration circuit will continuously maintain the cleanliness of a fluid tank.

The filter unit takes its pump supply from the most contaminated part of the tank and returns clean, water free oil close to the suction pipe of the system supply pump, benefiting all system components and in-line filters.

An Off line Filter working independently of the main fluid system in a continuous separate circuit will maintain the cleanliness of the main fluid, which is very important when restarting the main fluid system following a period of down time.


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