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Patch Testing

Sample of Oil Analysis Report

Oil Solutions have their own oil testing laboratory and use the patch testing method of oil analysis.

The Patch Test is valuable tool in ascertaining the condition of the oil in your machines.

We take a sample from each of your machines and in our laboratory able to analysis it by putting it a 100ml of oil through a special membrane. The contamination that is in the oil is collected on the membrane and the results examined under a microscope.

While our preferred method of testing is in our laboratory, we can were necessary bring our equipment into the field as well.

We provide our clients with detailed reports, visual samples and comparison graphs similar to what is seen on the left.

We are also able to do on-line particle counting

It is good practice to have a cleanliness goal for every oil-filled system. This is the basic requirement to insure reliability at the lowest possible cost.

Frequency of analysis
In the implementation phase of a condition monitoring system, analyses must be made frequently at least every six to twelve months in order to establish a knowledge data base. Every oil system should have a log where analysis results are registered, The logbook must also contain information about oil type, oil changes, break-downs, targeted ISO class code and oil analysis results.

Oil Solutions is equipped to do this for you.

Patch Test Membranes together with microscopic
photographs of various contamination levels


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