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Eliminating the need for large hydraulic pumps and electric motors. An accumulator in the system ensures the correct volume of oil at the correct working pressure, even in emergency situations and compensates for variations in leakage and temperature, dampens pressure and flow pulsations, maintains system pressure when the hydraulic pump is switched off and provides hydraulic suspension.

As the oldest manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators, OLAER provides a full range of bladder accumulators, membrane accumulators and piston accumulators. They can be used in a wide range of applications such as energy storage, pulsation dampening or surge alleviation. The OLAER group has a very strong presence in highly requiring industries, such as Aerospace, Nuclear or Armament.

Bladder Accumulators

  • Fitted with high tech nitrile bladder for low permeation
  • Fully repairable industrial bladder accumulator
  • Improved corrosion protection for fluid port and protective cap

AC Medium Pressure Standard - 210 Bar

  • Medium pressure for a wide range of applications
  • Small diameter, ideal for space saving

AC High Pressure - 345 Bar 

  • Heavy duty applications

NG High Pressure - 345 Bar, top repairable

  • Heavy duty range

 AC & NG Bladder Accumulators (7.4 Mb)

 Accumulator Bladder Kits (152 KB)



  • Large diameter accumulators 35 to 65 litre
  • Top and bottom repairable
  • Bladder material : low permeability high nitrile
  • Design, control and manufacture in accordance withAS 1210-1FH
  • Water service version available with internal epoxy lining and stainless steel fittings

 Bladder Accumulators (373 KB)


  • Very large diameter accumulators
  • Top and bottom repairable
  • Compact alternate to accumulator banks
  • Fitted with high or ultra high flow fluid ports
  • Design, control and manufacture in accordance with AS 1210-1FH
  • Water service version available with internal epoxy lining and stainless steel fittings
  • Special models available for higher pressure ratings

 Bladder Accumulators (373 KB)

AK Piston Accumulators

  • Pressure rating to AD Merkblatt/CE calculations
  • Available with AS 1210 or BS 5500 approval
  • Standard configuration for use with back-up bottles (nogas valve)
  • Special designs available up to 1500 litre





  Piston Accumulators (238Kb )

Accumulators for Mobile Applications


  • Non repairable bladder accumulator
  • Standard 3⁄4" BSPP fluid port connection
  • High tensile steel construction for oil service for 0.5 and 1 litre models. Full stainless steel construction for 0.13 litre model
  • High pressure gas valve with 1⁄4" BSPP charging connection (other options available upon request). 0.302" gas valve on 0.13 litre model
  • Standard nitrile rubber high strength bladder
  • Hi flow button style bladder/port design

Accumulators for Mobile Applications (247Kb )


  • Non-repairable diaphragm accumulator
  • Compression ratio of 6:1
  • Electron beam welded steel shell
  • Pressure rating of 210 bar to AS2971
  • Standard nitrile rubber high strength diaphragm
  • * M28 charging connection requires OLM
  • charging head (see page 23, accumulator parts & accessories)
  • ** New 1⁄4" BSP gas valve connection available to suit standard charging kit 105CK

Accumulators for Mobile Applications (247Kb )

Accumulator Charging & Test Kits

The universal charging kit 105CK allows the charging of a wide variety of accumulators. Adaptors supplied in the kit suit US or European style gas valves as well as the OFC standard ranges, (For Hydac use the UK-Euro Kit)

The charging kit includes a bull nose adaptor for connecting directly to high pressure nitrogen cylinders. However, please note that OLAER recommend the use of a nitrogen regulator (readily available from your gas supplier) to prevent damage to the bladder during charging

The permanently mounted gauging/charging head allows precharge pressure monitoring (when the accumulator is isolated from system pressure & bled). The Universal Charge Kit is still required for initial pre-charging as well as pre-charge maintenance

Charge kit 105CK-10

  • Attache Case
  • Charging head with Gauge fitted to charging head with required pressure scale (250 bar Standard)
  • Hose assembly - 2m
  • 0.302 x 32 TPI Charging Adaptor
  • 5/8" UNF Charging Adaptor (European style) gas valve
  • Gas valve extractor
  • High pressure 690 bar gas valve core x3
  • Gas valve assembly as found on AC & NG accumulator series
  • Cylinder adaptor type 50 for N2 bottle
  • Cylinder adaptor type 51 for N2 bottle


 Olaer Charging kit 105CK-XX (140 KB)

 Olaer Charging Kit UK-Euro (202 KB)

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