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Oil Solutions provide:-

  • Cost effective Hydraulic Servicing
  • Economical decontamination service
    • Oil Purification service
    • Removal of water without the use of heat.
  • Installation of Bypass Filtration
  • Installation of Off line Filtration
  • Manufacture a range of filter trolleys and filtration equipment
  • Fluid Management

Oil Solutions Cleanliness

At Oil Solutions we use a special CC Jensen filter removing oxidation products, solid particles and moisture.

The CJC Filter elements are depth filters with a rating of 3 micron absolute (equiv. to 0.8 _m nominal) i.e. 98.7 % of all solid particles >3 _m and approx. 50 % of all particles >0.8 _m are retained in each pass. The dirt holding capacity of a B 27/27 insert is 4.0 litres o f evenly distributed solids. The water absorption potential is up to 50% (i.e. 2,000 mL H20) of the total contaminant holding capacity.

For more information follow the Oil Cleanliness link

The Oil Solutions Oil Change Method:-

  • Drain the reservoir
  • Clean the reservoir
  • Clean or replace suction strainers
  • Replace Pressure filters
  • Flush the reservoir with clean filtered oil and then refilter that oil before completing the operation of filling the reservoir. (this removes the lint and other invisible contamination left behind after the cleaning process is complete, which may block proportional valves etc).
  • Refilter oil with the system operating to remove the contamination that remains locked up in the rest of the machine

This method enables the highest practical cleanliness of the whole system for trouble free operation. With reservoirs that have no access for cleaning by conventional methods, they are thoroughly flushed with filter oil.


One of the problems we have in Australia is that the quality of drummed oil in often leaves much to be desired, even when the source is from quality suppliers, as new drums often come to them already contaminated. Therefore new oil should always be filtered when filling hydraulic systems.

The Oil Solutions Oil Change Substitute

Where production demands do not allow for down time, Oil Solutions can effectively restore the cleanliness of the oil in your systems by purifying the oil and removing dirt particles, the moisture without any interruption to full production. This is also a very economical alternative to a complete oil change.

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