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The STAUFF hydraulic accessories program has been carefully designed to offer a range of components suited to the demands of building hydraulic systems in most industrial and mobile applications.

Whether you require simple filler breathers or precise electrical level switches, flow control valves or complete filter units; the STAUFF accessories range should provide you with the choice you need.

At STAUFF we are aware of the ongoing development and innovation within the hydraulic industry.


 Hydraulic Accessories (2.59Mb)

 Level Gauges (351 Kb)

 Filler Breathers (965 Kb)

 Filler Breathers Lockable (178 Kb)

 Pressure Gauges (452 Kb)

 Suction Strainers (116 Kb)

 Bell Housings & Couplings (601 Kb)

 Valves (847 Kb)

Visual & Visual / Electrical fluid level indication

  • Visual fluid level indication
  • Visual / Electrical fluid level indication
  • Thermo Switches for level gauges
  • Electrical Level & Temperature Indication Switches


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 Level Gauges (351 Kb)

Breathers for Ventilation and Tank Filling

  • Plastic Filler for Ventilation and tank filling
  • Plastic Filler Breathers
  • Screw-in versions, Bayonet version
  • Giant Screw-On Ventilation Breather
  • Desiccant Air Breathers for Moisture Absorption & Air Filtration

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 Filler Breathers (965 Kb)

Suction Strainers

  • Reservoir installation for direct suction line connection
  • Threads forms BSP and NPT
  • Filter material 60, 125 or 250 micron stainless steel
  • Temperature range –20°C to +100°C
  • Optional bypass valve, opening pressure 0,2 bar (3 PSI)
  • Threaded end caps made out of glass fibre reinforced Polyamide or Aluminium, other components steel zinc-plated

 Suction Strainers (116 Kb)

Throttle and Flow Control Valves (In-line mounting)

  • Fluid control and flow shut-off
    DV: in both directions
    DRV: in direction A-B (free flow in reverse direction)
  • designed for in-line mounting
  • suitable for mineral oil
  • Nuts for panel-mounting are available on request
  • Housing: Steel (1.0715), zinc-plated (Fe/Zn 8 C), (Stainless steel on request)

 Hydraulic Accessories (2.59Mb)

Check Valves

We have two types available:

  • The Dynamic check valve provides leak free closure in one direction
    and free flow in the other.
  • The Square Body RV Check valves allow a single-directional flow only

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 Dynamic Check Valves (202 Kb)

 Hydraulic Accessories (2.59Mb)

Gauge Isolator Valves

  • protection against pressure gauge overload (single station) or 6 position pressure measurement (multi station)
  • suitable for hydraulic fluids
  • max operating pressure: 400 bar
  • connection thread size: G1/4 ; 1/4 NPT for single station valves on request
  • temperature range: 100°C max
  • complete with operation manual (plate mounted to the product)

 Hydraulic Accessories (2.59Mb)

Ball Valves

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Ball Valves
  • Two-Way Valves
  • Medium Duty Valves
  • High Pressure Valve Adaptors
  • Three-Way Valves
  • Four Way Valves
  • Valve Locking Device Options
  • Low Pressure Valves

 Valves (847 Kb) Click on image for more information


  • Foaming and noise reduction in tanks
  • reduce fluid aeration
  • standard thread form: BSP
  • consist of two concentric tubes with discharge holes
  • Temperature range: – 20°C to +100°C
  • Flow range: 950 l/min max
  • Connection thread sizes: G3/4 – G3

Pressure Gauges

  • mechanical pressure measurement
  • suitable for hydraulic oil and gaseous media that do not attack any copper base alloy (Please consult our office before you use SPG with other media)
  • Glycerine Filled
  • 63 & 100 mm Diameter; Stainless Steel housing
  • 1/4" BSPP, Dual Scale - bar/psi; Bottom or Rear Entry
  • sight glass made out of acrylic
  • standard dual scales with pressure indication in bar and PSI
  • U-bolt or flange mounting kit on request

 Pressure Gauges & Test Kits (452 Kb)

FLOWTELL" in-line flow monitors and controllers

Stauff’s "FLOWTELL" in-line flow monitors and controllers offer a range of rugged flow rate gauges that are accurate and economical and are the perfect instruments for fixed in-line monitoring or for use as service tools for system commissioning.

"FLOWTELL" employs the well-established and reliable ‘variable area orifice’ measurement method together with a unique ‘sharp edge technology’ that ensures low pressure drops and high tolerance levels to changes in viscosity, resulting in repeatable flow rate measurements for both liquids and gases.

The product range is suitable for measuring Hydraulic Oils, Water and Air or Gas mediums and includes models for Phosphate Ester. A special range is also available for High Temperature applications. "FLOWTELL"’ is also available with the option of field-adjustable single or twin switches for High and Low flow rate alarms, or as a Transmitter giving a 4 - 20mA signal for system control capability.

 FLOWTELL (423 Kb)

Flow Indicator

Flow Indicators are designed for continuous monitoring or intermittent use commissioning and servicing hydraulic systems up to 420 bar, 6000 psi.

The large clear 63mm diameter dial ensures that quick checks can be made to determine pump performance and setting of flow control valves. They can be used on mobile and industrial hydraulic circuits. Also lubrication and coolant systems using oil/water.

 Flow Indicator FI Aluminium with Temperature (246KB )

The RFI reversible flow indicator is designed for continuous monitoring or intermittent use commissioning and servicing hydraulic systems to 420 bar.

 Reversible Flow Indicators - FI with Temperature (188 KB )

Flow indicators also available in Bronze

Click on image for more information

Bell Housings and Couplings

Stauff Bell Housings & Couplings are designed to connect pumps to electric motors, B5 standard.

There are two series available, the first to suit metric, 4-bolt mount, pumps from Group 0.5 to Group 3 and the second to suit SAE, 2-bolt mount, pumps from Group AA to Group C. The coupling halves are pre-bored and keyed to suit standard motor and pump shafts. The complete coupling comprises the pump hub, the motor hub and the rubber spider.

Bell housing selection is related to the "frame size" of the drive motor and the pump group designation. Selection of the bell housing and the coupling set can be simply read from the tables on page 4. of the Bell Housings and Couplings catalogue.

 Bell Housings & Couplings (601 Kb)

Return Line Bushings SRF

Tubular support and seal for tank entry return lines - 6 mm up to 42 mm (OD)

  • vibration damping and sound absorbing
  • resistant against oil and solvents
  • available in santoprene or polypropylene
  • A positive bulkhead installation is ensured by a special lip seal.
  • A remarkable feature of return line bushes is easy installation and they offer
    assembly costs compared to fittings.

 Hydraulic Accessories (2.59Mb)

Webtec diagnostic test equipment,


  • Digital Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units
  • Analogue Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units
  • for the measurement of:-
  • flow, temperature, pressure, speed
  • For all mobile and static operations

More information on Webtec Page


The "STAUFF Contamination Control Program" includes the diagnostic services including fluid sampling and laser particle counting products needed to monitor system contamination levels.

 Diagtronics Catalogue (3000 Kb)

 Laser Particle Counter (234 Kb)

 Laser Particle Monitor (384 Kb)

 Pressure Test Kits (67 Kb)

More information @ Test Equipment

Hydraulic Tube

  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & plated
  • Sizes from 6mm - 42mm
  • wide range of wall thicknesses (DIN 2391/c hydraulic tube)

Tube Connectors

  • Tube connection technology with WALPRO DIN 2353 metric couplings working pressures up to 800bar
  • WALFORM DIN 2353 provides the unique leak free system with no cutting ring but using standard components.
  • Extensive range of assembly machinery

For more information see Fluid Connectors, Walterscheid & Voss

Accumulators & Accessories

  • Bladder Accumulators
  • Diaphragm Accumulators
  • Bladders
  • Safety Blocks
  • Charging Kit



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