Stauff PPC 04 Plus

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The PPC-04-plus and PPC-04-plus-CAN Hydraulic Testers have been developed for the growing demands in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. They are perfectly suited for the precise determination of pressure, temperature, volume flow and rotational speed.

Analogue version PPC-04-plus

Max. two analogue sensors can be connected at the same time

CAN version PPC-04-plus-CAN

With CAN interface, max three digital sensors can be connected at the same time

▪ Max. CAN bus length: 50 m / 164 ft

 PPC 04 Plus Bulletin PPC Diagtronics Catalogue


Multi-line, backlit LCD display

▪ Integrated data memory for 15000 data records

▪ External storage by using a USB memory stick

▪ Calibration certificate on request (only available for the analogue version)

▪ CE certified

Technical Data


Housing made of ABS in a rubber protective

Dimensions and Weight

WxDxH: 96 x 172 x 54 mm / 3.78 x 6.77 x 2.13 in

▪ Weight: ca. 540 g / 1.19 lbs

Measurements / Display

  • ? Pressure: in bar, PSI, mbar, kPa, MPa
  • ? Temperature: in C and F

  • Volume flow: in l/min and US GPM
  • Volume flow: in l/min and US GPM
  • Rotational speed: in 1/min and RPM? Display: FSTN-LCD, graphic, LED backlit
  • Visible area: 62 x 62 mm / 2.44 x 2.44 in
  • Resolution: 130 x 130 Pixel

Power Supply

External: Micro USB socket, type B +5V DC, max. 1000 mA

  • Battery: Lithium Ion pack
    3,7 V DC / 2250 mAh or
    3,7 V DC / 4500 mAh CAN version
  • Operating time with the rechargeable battery: approx. 8 hours

Sensor Inputs

  • Push-in connection: 5-pol., push-pull or 5-pol.,
  • M12x1, SPEEDCON, connector (CAN version)
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Sampling rate: 1 ms
  • Accuracy: < 0,2 % FS* 1 Digit

 PPC 04 Plus Manual


  • USB device: Online transmission between unit and PC via PPC-Soft-plus (software)
  • Measured value transmission: ACT/MIN/MAX, min. 5 ms
  • USB standard: 2.0, full speed
  • Push-in connection: Micro USB socket, shielded, type A
  • USB host: Connection for USB stick, max. 4 GB
  • USB standard: 2.0, fullspeed, max. 100 mA
  • Push-on connection: Micro USB socket, shielded, type B
Protection Rating
  • IP 54 protection rating: Dust protected and protected against splashing water
  • (CAN version)
  • IP 64 protection rating: Dust tight and protected against
  • splashing water


A PC set, consisting of a USB connection lead, length 1 m /

3.28 ft and the corresponding PC software, is included in the scope of delivery.


Can Accessories

Analogue Accessories

PPC-CAN Pressure Sensor

Indication of the sensor status via LED

▪ 5-pin SPEEDCON connection plug

▪ CAN open protocol profile DS406 v3.2 with manufacturer-specific additions

▪ LSS service DS305 v2.0

PPC-04/12-P Pressure Sensor

Analogue version

▪ 5-pin connection

▪ Can be used with all analogue Hydraulic Testers of the PPC series

▪ Input voltage: 9 ... 36 V DC

▪ Output signal: 0 ... 3 V DC

CAN Flow Turbine PPC-CAN-SFM

Flow Turbine PPC-04/12-SFM

PPC Accessories