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STAUFF have a wide range of Test and Diagtronic equipment.

Their contamination Control Program" includes the diagnostic services including fluid sampling and laser particle counting products needed to monitor system contamination levels.


 Diagtronics (3 Mb)

 SPG-DIGI (571 Kb)

 Laser Particle Counter (234 Kb)

 Laser Particle Monitor (384 Kb)

 Test Couplings (2195 Kb)

 Pressure Gauges & Test Kits (452 Kb)

 Pressure Switches (971 Kb)

 FTM400R Mining Flow Tester (559 KB )

Hydraulic Testers PPC

The STAUFF PPC series of Hydraulic Tester are state-of-the-art instruments designed to diagnose certain variables in today’s hydraulic and pneumatic systems like pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow and hydraulic power.

Depending on the type chosen, the STAUFF PPCs can analyse, store and process all data in a PC or notebook. The Hydraulic Testers are specially designed for today’s increasing demands of system monitoring, trouble-shooting and determination of important values.

  • Pressure Sensors; Temperature Sensors; Rotation Speed Sensors; Flow Turbines; Flow Meter

The PPC-04 is a very easy to handle mobile measuring device controlled by only 8 buttons and allows the connection of up to two sensors. The measured data is displayed on the double spaced screen as numeric values.

The larger PPC-06 / 08 / 12 Hydraulic Testers are available as three, four or six channel models having an internal data storage capability of up to 250,000 data points. The unit displays measurements not only as numeric values but also in graphic form.

 PPC Diagtronics Catalogue

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The new STAUFF SPG-DIGI digital pressure gauge continuously measures and displays in-line pressure as well as capturing and displaying minimum and maximum pressure readings. Typical accuracy is 0.5 % of full scale. The unit can be supplied individually or as part of a Pressure Test Kit (see below).

  • Dimensions Diameter ø80 mm Thickness 33 mm
  • Text-Display 4 1/2-digit Dimension: 50 x 34 mm Text Height: 15 mm
  • Back lighted Battery Life-Display
  • Available Units: Bar, PSI, Mpa, kPa, mbar "Bar-Graph-Scale" c/w drag indicator

 SPG-DIGI (571 Kb) Diagtronics (3 Mb)

SPG-DIGI Test Kits

The STAUFF SPG-DIGI digital pressure gauge measures and displays pressure and minimum/maximum pressure readings. Typical accuracy is 0.5 % of the full scale. The unit can be supplied individually (see above) or as part of a Pressure Test.

The pressure test kit also contains additional accessories such as test adaptors and test hoses adapting to test points STAUFF Test 20 or STAUFF Test 12.


 SPG-DIGI (571 Kb)

Pressure Gauges & Test Kits

  • mechanical pressure measurement
  • suitable for hydraulic oil and gaseous media that do not attack any copper base alloy (Please consult our office before you use SPG with other media)
  • Glycerine Filled 63 & 100 mm Diameter; Stainless Steel housing
  • 1/4" BSPP, Dual Scale - bar/psi; Bottom or Rear Entry
  • sight glass made out of acrylic
  • U-bolt or flange mounting kit on request
  • Available in a variety of Test Kits

 Pressure Gauges & Test Kits (452 Kb)

Laser Particle Monitor System LPM 1

The STAUFF Laser Particle Monitor System LPM 1 is a laser based 4-channel inline particle monitor designed for the continuous monitoring of particle contamination. The LPM 1 provides cumulative particle concentration information at >4 μm(c), >6 μm(c) and >14 μm(c) sizes applicable to the ISO 4406, ISO 11943 and ISO 11171 requirements for optical particle counters. A > 21 μm(c) channel is also provided for larger particle concentration information.

Machine operators are alerted to changes in particle contamination levels in a machine’s fluid by the indications provided from the LPM 1. The contamination level will be shown on the display or can be transmitted via the RS-232 serial port into a personal computer. With the ModBus-serial port the data can be transferred into a computer network or to an external display. The LPT particle sensor can be configured via an IR-port on a Palm or Pocket Computer. The LPM 1 system consists of a Laser Particle Transducer LPT and a Laser Interface.

 Laser Particle Monitor (384 Kb)

STAUFF Laser Particle Counter

The STAUFF Laser Particle Counter LasPaC II-P is a laser based 8-channel particle counter designed for monitoring the degree of contamination of mineral based hydraulic fluids.

In contrast to other commercially available particle counters, the LasPaC II-P is characterised by a few particular features, just to mention only the large LCD display, a most comfortable QWERTY keyboard, the integrated printer and the powerful rechargeable battery, which enables on-the-spot measurements, even in cases where a direct connection to an external power supply is not available. Using the LasPaC II-P is fully intuitive, thus allowing easy and quick working with the unit.

An additional sensor to determine the temperature and moisture of fluids is available on request. Besides using the LasPaC II-P in a pressurized hydraulic system, it also allows the so-called «Bottle Sampling», the subsequent analysis of previosly sampled media.

The readings from the LasPaC II-P will immediately indicate the exact condition of the hydraulic system, the data will be documented, and you will be able to intervene at an early stage in order to prevent wear and damage to the components in the hydraulic system.

This does not only minimise repair costs, but also reduces overall equipment downtime and protects the environment.

 Laser Particle Counters

Technical Data and Product Features

Test Points


STAUFF TEST has established a reputation for a comprehensive range of test points and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic systems for many years now.

STAUFF TEST stands for a varied spectrum of screw-in test points and test couplings for tube fittings, which are oriented to international standards and therefore guaranteed to comply with the requirements of applications all over the world.

The extensive range of accessories, including measuring hoses and pressure gauges (mechanical and digital/electronic) means that the initial test points fitted onto machines and service kits with measuring instruments can be obtained from a single source.

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 Test Coupling (Complete Catalogue) (2195 Kb)

Flow Indicator

Flow, pressure and temperature measuring of fluids (mobile and industrial hydraulics), also controlling of working pressure (only SDMK)

  • suitable for mineral oil (Aluminium), HFC fluids and water (Bronze)
  • designed for in-line installation
  • mechanical process (off the line)
  • controlling working pressure with a pressure control valve (only SDMK)
  • flow indication in l/min and GPM

 Flow Indicators (221 Kb)

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Stauff Mining Underground Portable BI - Directional Flow Tester

FTM400R - BI Directional Mining Flow Tester

  • LARGE CAPACITY 378 LPM 420 Bar
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL For unrestricted connection and simplified testing
  • LOADING VALVE Smooth control of pressure in both directions
  • SAFE Does not contain aluminium; suitable for underground use
  • SAFE Does not contain electrical / electronic circuits
  • SAFE Internal oil bypass protects system, tester and operator

  FTM400R BI- Directional Mining Flow Tester (559 KB )

Pressure Switches

Stauff pressure switches are versatile, economically priced units with good hysteresis characteristics. The range covers low-cost miniature switches, vacuum switches, pressure switches, and differential pressure switches.

  • Subminiature Diaphram and Piston types MS-PS

New MS-PS adjustable pressure switches, available either in diaphragm execution up to 100 bar or piston execution up to 300 bar. Diaphragm and piston MS-PS pressure switches are particularly suitable to monitor pressure in automation, hydraulics, gas distribution, fire prevention, lifting systems, pharmaceutical industry, lubrication plants, refrigeration and so on.

  • Piston Type

This model is a piston-spring type pressure switch. With pressure at zero the micro-switch remains pressed and will only be released when the adjusted switching pressure has been reached. The piston acts against an adjustable spring with travel mechanically limited to 0.5mm, giving minimum work of good resistance to overpressure. The design of the spring .. prevents overtightening. Adjustment by turning the screw top (or knurled knob) which can be fixed with a locking screw. The complete adjusting travel is approx. 9 mm.

 Pressure Switches (971 Kb)

Pressure Transducers SPT

STAUFF pressure transmitters are designed to meet price and performance requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers. The SPT pressure transmitters use a thin film sensor for pressure ranges 10 bar (145 PSI) to 1000 bar (15000 PSI).

  • Thin film sensor; Rugged stainless steel body; Compact size
  • Work pressure up to 1000 bar (15000 PSI); Highly stable; Temperature compensated
  • Protected against reverse polarity, short circuit output and suppressor diode for high voltage protection
  • Connections available BSP , NPT and SAE (male)
  • Protection class (IP 65 / NEMA 5); Input 10-30 VDC; Output 4 to 20 mA

 Diagtronics (3 Mb)

Webtec Diagnostic Test Equipment

Digital Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units

Analogue Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units

Remote Digital Readout Units


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