Stauff Flow Indicators

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Flow Indicators are designed for continuous monitoring or intermittent use commissioning and servicing hydraulic systems up to 420 bar, 6000 psi.

The large clear 63mm diameter dial ensures that quick checks can be made to determine pump performance and setting of flow control valves. They can be used on mobile and industrial hydraulic circuits. Also lubrication and coolant systems using oil/water.

The RFI reversible flow indicator is designed for continuous monitoring or intermittent use commissioning and servicing hydraulic systems to 420 bar.

 Flow Indicator FI Aluminium with Temperature (246KB )

 Flow indicators also available in Bronze

Flow Indicators - Aluminium - FI with Temperature


FI750-30ABOT Flow Indicator


FI750-60ABOT Flow Indicator


FI750-120ABOT Flow Indicator


FI750-180ABOT Flow Indicator


FI1500-200ABOT Flow Indicator


FI1500-400ABOT Flow Indicator

Bi-Directional Flow Indicators - Aluminium - RFI


RFI-1000-120ABOT REV Flow IND. 120LPM


RFI-1000-180ABOT REV Flow IND. 180LPM

Flow Indicator Bronze - FI


FI750-30BBW Flow Indicator


FI750-60BBW Flow Indicator


FI750-120BBW Flow Indicator

FLOWTELL" in-line flow monitors and controllers

Stauff’s "FLOWTELL" in-line flow monitors and controllers offer a range of rugged flow rate gauges that are accurate and economical and are the perfect instruments for fixed in-line monitoring or for use as service tools for system commissioning.

"FLOWTELL" employs the well-established and reliable ‘variable area orifice’ measurement method together with a unique ‘sharp edge technology’ that ensures low pressure drops and high tolerance levels to changes in viscosity, resulting in repeatable flow rate measurements for both liquids and gases.

The product range is suitable for measuring Hydraulic Oils, Water and Air or Gas mediums and includes models for Phosphate Ester. A special range is also available for High Temperature applications. "FLOWTELL"’ is also available with the option of field-adjustable single or twin switches for High and Low flow rate alarms, or as a Transmitter giving a 4 - 20mA signal for system control capability.


Diagnostic Test Equipment

  • Flow IndicatorTest Kit RFIK Bi-Directional
  • Digital Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units
  • Analogue Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units
  • Remote Digital Readout Units


Detailed Information & downloads click on the Webtec Range


Stauff Mining Underground Portable BI - Directional Flow Tester

FTM400R - BI Directional Mining Flow Tester

  • LARGE CAPACITY 378 LPM 420 Bar
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL For unrestricted connection and simplified testing
  • LOADING VALVE Smooth control of pressure in both directions
  • SAFE Does not contain aluminium; suitable for underground use
  • SAFE Does not contain electrical / electronic circuits
  • SAFE Internal oil bypass protects system, tester and operator

  FTM400R BI- Directional Mining Flow Tester (559 KB )


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