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Tube, Tube Fittings, Couplings, Flanges, Cleaning Systems & Clamps

We have a wide range of Seamless Carbon & Stainless Steel Tube

A variety of Hydraulic Tube Fittings Flanges & Fluid Connecters, one to suit every application, & Tube Forming Machines


 Tube Carbon & Stainless (2.2 Mb)

 SAE Flanges (1.3 Mb)

 Stauff Cleaning System (1.2 Mb)

 Quick Release Couplings (1.1 Mb)

 Clamps Complete Catalogue (1.9Mb)

 Tube Forming Press (636 Kb)

Seamless Tube

Wide range of Precision Tube. The materials are standard cold drawn, normalised, seamless (CDS) carbon steel, zinc plated (CDS) carbon steel and seamless, annealed 316L stainless steel

  • Metric & Imperial
  • Carbon Steel
  • Zinc Plated
  • Stainless Steel

 Carbon & Stainless Steel Tube (2.2 Mb)

Tube Connectors


Oil Solutions have a wide range of tube fittings


We supply the VOSS & Walterscheid range

Tube Bending Kit

This is a Tube bender that used in a vice

It is supplied complete in a metal case with 9 rollers for Tube OD of 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20 and 22 mm.

Tube Forming Press

Flaring and cutting ring pre-assembly machine

The Stauff-Press flare & pre-assembly unit is a table top machine designed to give leak free assembly of flaring or cutting ring fittings on tube or hose ends with minimum training of operators.

 Tube Forming Press (636 Kb)

Tube De-Burring Unit

The Stauff-Tube De-Burring Unit is a tabletop machine for the de-burring of tube.

It comes in two sizes:- 0-48 (3)mm OD & 0-60 (3)mm OD


SAE Flanges

Stauff SAE one-piece flanges and solid and split flange clamps for use with flanged hose ends or inserts, make pipework assembly simple.

Flanges are stocked in both code 61 (3000 psi) and 62 (6000 psi) configurations in versions for butt welding or socket welding as well as female screwed versions for BSP and NPT threads.

Both the O-Ring half and the flat-face half are available in the one-piece flanges.

 SAE Flanges (1.3 Mb)


The essential tool for all pipe fabricators and hose assemblers involved with:


THE SYSTEM – The Stauff Clean System provides a simple and low cost solution for the removal of contaminant from the inside surfaces of Pipes, Tubes and Hoses.

All manner of pipework configurations in the normal size range of 6mm to 60mm can be handled by the Stauff Clean System regardless of pipe length, type of fittings or components. Change of direction through tees, elbows, etc., of up to 90° can be accommodated by the projectiles.

THE PROJECTILE – The Stauff Clean System works on the principle of propelling foam pellets or projectiles of varying density and texture through pipework at very high velocities while maintaining sufficient contact with the inside surface to remove unwanted contaminant.

 Stauff Cleaning System (1.2 Mb)

Ball Valves

  • High Pressure 2 way
  • High Pressure 3 way
  • High Pressure 4 way
  • Valves & Accessories for a variety of mobile and industrial applications


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STAUFF Clamps applications are almost unlimited. Due to the extraordinary wide product range, all areas of pipe, tube and hose installation are covered:

In most industrial countries STAUFF Clamps symbolise quick and easy pipe and hose installations as well as a clean distinct pipe layout.

The vibration and noise reducing features are appreciated as being an important contribution to environmental protection.

Apart from the technical sophistication of STAUFF Clamps, the second-to-none delivery, prompt service even for special constructions, STAUFF Clamps are also the most economical ones to install.

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Quick Release Couplings

Poppet Type Ball Locking :- SQRC

Dust plugs and caps

The quick couplings of the ISO A Series have been designed in accordance with the ISO 7241-A rule. The ½" version also meets the requirements of the ISO 5675 rule.

Used for agricultural and industrial sectors.

For protection during disconnection, plastic caps and plugs are available from ¼" to 1". Other materials available upon request (stainless steel and brass).

Poppet Type :- Thread Locking - STQRC

Thread locking couplings allow connection and disconnection of two hydraulic circuits at low pressure (or "residual" pressure). This thread locking mechanism gives the coupling considerable resistance to vibration caused by hammering, "ram strokes" or frequent and indelicate inversion of the direction of fluid flow.

Used for industrial applications.

For protection during disconnection, caps and plugs available from ¼" - 2".

 Quick Release Couplings (1.1 Mb)


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