Stauff Check Valves

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Inline Dynamic Check Valve

The Dynamic check valve provides leak free closure in one direction and free flow in the other.

  • The taped poppet on sharp seat design provides the smallest seal contact area possible. This ensures the highest tolerance to system contaminates with a natural self cleaning action
  • All poppets are hardened & CNC machined to a mirror finish


 Dynamic Check Valves (202 Kb)

Square Body Style Check Valve

  • Check valves allow a single-directional flow only
  • designed for in-line mounting
  • suitable for mineral oil, (please consult our office before using with other fluids)
  • Standard thread form: BSP; (NPT on request )
  • metal-to-metal seals
  • Housing: Steel (1.0715), zinc-plated (Fe/Zn 8 C) (Stainless Steel on request)

 Hydraulic Accessories (2.59Mb)

Fluid Connectors

See section on Fluid Connectors by clicking on picture to the left

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