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ES-4 cutting ring couplings
DKO taper couplings
BV-10 flared couplings
VOSSFormSQR tube couplings
2SVA/ES-4VA stainless-steel cutting ring couplings
VFM 37 flared couplings
VFS 90 flared couplings


 2S Cutting Ring Couplings (2.1 Mb)

 ES-4 Cutting Ring Couplings (2.2 Mb)

 2SVA / ES-4VA Stainless-Steel (1.3 Mb)

 FormSQR Tube Couplings (1.3 Mb)

 BV-10 Flared Couplings (2.3 Mb)

2S Cutting Ring Couplings

The proven, reliable tube coupling

The 2S cutting ring couplings are designed to meet the requirements for easy assembly while offering high level of operating safety. The special cutting ring geometry produces firm seating of the cutting ring with the first, strong cutting edge, while the following second cutting edge provides for additional safety.

The VOSS spring effect with added safety elastically compensates all settling phenomenon of the materials.

VOSS 2S cutting ring couplings are especially well-suited for use under higher vibration strains and flexural fatigue loads.

VOSS 2S cutting ring tube couplings comply with the latest standards with regard to design and dimensions. (DIN 2353 or ISO 8434-1)

  2S Cutting Ring Couplings (2.1 Mb)

ES-4 Cutting Ring Couplings

The soft seal connection according to DIN/ISO with the additional safety potential

With ES-4, VOSS Fluid offers a soft seal coupling that is both reliable and economical.

ES-4 provides the greatest possible security against leaks in the case of sudden pressure increases and vibrations. With ES-4 the gap between the normal 2S cutting ring coupling and the 10 flared coupling or the weld nipple coupling is filled.

ES-4, the cutting ring coupling with 4-fold benefits:

  1. The basis is the proven VOSS 2S cutting ring
  2. Additional precision sealing with soft sealing elements of FPM / FKM (e. g. Viton®, registered trademark of DuPont) in the secondary area
  3. Reliable freedom from leaks with gap-free chambering of the soft seals
  4. Guided assembly up to the tightening limit

  ES-4 Cutting Ring Couplings (2.2 Mb

2SVA / ES-4VA Stainless-Steel Cutting Ring Couplings

Stainless-steel cutting ring couplings: corrosion-resistant and leak-proof

A complete range of stainless-steel tube couplings according to DIN EN ISO 8434-1. The system includes various cutting rings, straight, moulded, tapered, rotary and swivelling couplings, as well as valves in various designs. Over the entire product range the design of the proven VOSS components has been adapted to the material stainless steel (1.4571) in order to comply with the most demanding requirements for assembly and safety properties. With the cutting ring couplings for outside tube diameters from 6 to 42 mm, the user can choose between the 2SVA dual cutting-edge system and the ES-4VA soft sealing cutting ring.

Both cutting ring systems can be fitted on VOSS standard pre-assembly devices (Note: Typical applications are the chemical industry, shipbuilding, offshore technology and industrial applications with especially demanding requirements for corrosion resistance and a long service life.

VOSS stainless-steel tube couplings are prototype tested and approved by a broad range of national and international agencies: such as Det Norske Veritas, Lloyds Register of Shipping etc.

  2SVA / ES-4VA Stainless-Steel Cutting Ring Couplings (1.3 Mb)

FormSQR Tube Couplings

The soft seal coupling for cold-formed tubes

The new VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system meets the main requirements for hydraulic connections such as:

  • Safety, as the most important aspect.
  • Quality, without which permanent freedom from leaks is not possible.
  • Profitability, only an economical coupling can prevail on the market.

With its innovative design, VOSSFormSQR is based on the proven VOSS design principles. A contour is formed on at the end of a standard hydraulic tube in the VOSS pre-assembly machine. When a soft seal in the secondary area and the special SQR nut are added, a simple, high-quality connection for maximum loads and safety results.

 FormSQR Tube Couplings (1.3 Mb)

BV-10 Flared Couplings

The low-cost alternative to welding for extreme loads

VOSS flared couplings prove their great reliability under high loads such as sudden pressure increases, vibrations and reversed bending stress. The holding function is fulfilled with the combined flare/clamping ring principle. The 10 flared angle prevents over stretching of the tube - especially with large tube wall thicknesses.

The sealing function on the connecting piece is assumed by the proven sealing head of the flared cone. On the tube connection side the sealing function is achieved with a very high surface pressure and the supporting labyrinth seal effect on the cone surface.

VOSS BV-10 flared couplings are simple and easy to assemble and offer more reliable operation than welded connections.

 BV-10 Flared Couplings (2.3 Mb)


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