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Walpro Tube Fittings

The WALPRO profile ring fitting has been optimised in its entirety to satisfy the market requirements of today and tomorrow.
Greatly improved performance values and more reliable assembly have been achieved with the aid of modern computing methods. The improvements are due primarily to an axially stiff ring design, which has been specifically weakened radially by profiling the shoulder. The new chip geometry results in a high degree of tightness and eliminates subsequent penetration- 


 The main benefits for the user are:

  • greater functional reliability
  • lower assembly costs
  • lower reworking costs
  • lower operating costs 


Main characteristics



Optimised cutting area

  • optimised cutting edge angle
  • wedge-shaped cutting flank
  • chip upsetting groove
  • stable cutting area

Optimised centre area

  • ideal contact angle
  • cone stop limit for assembly preventing excessive tightening /li>

Optimised shoulder area

  • profile shape with strengthening effect
  • large contact surface ring-nut
  • end radius

No bulging

  • thus positive load distribution on the ring

Radial flexibility

  • thus positive clamping of the tube

Axial strengthening

  • strengthening ribs
  • thus high degree of tube connection
  • high degree of tightness

High degree of sealing efficiency

  • 100% connection between the cutting ring and the tube
  • high sealing strength (pre stress)
  • no settling or subsequent penetration

Cross section - Profile ring

  • profile system = strengthened ring, no settling
  • chip upsetting = no subsequent penetration
  • negative clearance angle = additional sealing zone, essentially higher sealing pressure

Cross section-Two-edge cutting ring

  • thin cross section of ring = settling of connection
  • partially uncovered cutting section = subsequent penetration, settling
  • zero clearance at cutting edge = sealing for tube only on face, bad sealing to body

Safe tube connection

  • large ring contact area
  • high-strength profile-shaped ring
  • high tensile strength

High nominal pressures

  • L-series for nominal pressures up to 500 bar
  • S-series for nominal pressures up to 800 bar
  • high nominal pressures only obtained by original Walterscheid components

Safe assembly

  • safe assembly due to limit stop
  • safe reassembly

High fatigue strength

  • intelligent tube connection
  • notch-free tube clamping

Universal standard solution

  • all fitting components are to DIN 2353 and DIN EN ISO 8434-1
  • suitable for all common tube materials
  • interchangeable with cutting ring and two-edge cutting ring

VOSS Tube Fittings

VOSS Fluid Products

2S cutting ring couplings
ES-4 cutting ring couplings
DKO taper couplings
BV-10 flared couplings
VOSSFormSQR tube couplings
2SVA/ES-4VA stainless-steel cutting ring couplings
VFM 37 flared couplings
VFS 90 flared couplings

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