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Webtec are manufactures hydraulic components and test equipment for the Mobile, Industrial and Agricultural Industries



 Test Equipment Overview (428 Kb )

 Portable Flow Testers Manual (513Kb)

 Flow Indicator Test Kit RFIK (195 KB )

Flow Testers

Digital Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units

DHT 401 - 400 LPM Digital Basic Unit

A simplified digital hydraulic tester with a single ON / OFF switch. Measure flow, temperature and pressure in one robust unit.

  • Flows 15 - 400 LPM (200 US gpm) Simple On / Off operation Pressure up to 480 bar (7000 psi)
  • Flow accuracy 1% of reading Temperature up to 120 C (248 F) Easy to use

 DHT 401 Brochure (786 Kb)

 DHT 401 Manual (483 Kb)

DHT 402 - 400 LPM Digital Tester

  • The most popular size of digital hydraulic tester with the addition of Secondary flow and Tacho inputs.
  • Measure Flows 15-400 LPM (100 US gpm), pressure, temperature & speed.
  • Digital readout Pressure up to 420 bar (6000 psi), Flow accuracy 1% of reading;
  • Temperature up to 120 C (248 F)

DHT 800 - 800 LPM Hydraulic Tester 7000 PSI (480 Bar)

  • Digital readout; 25-800 LPM; Pressure up to 480 bar,
  • This unit also has the additional of Secondary flow and Tacho inputs

 DHT 402-800 Brochure (994KB)

 DHT 402-800 Manual (476 KB)


Digital Portable Flow Tester -

All Unit Measurements in Digital Display & Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units


All-in-one portable unit, based on best-selling DHT series, measures flow, pressure, peak pressure, temperature, power and volumetric efficiency

  • Flows 10 - 400 LPM
  • Pressure up to 480 bar (7000 psi)
  • Peak pressure up to 600 bar (8700 psi)

Click on Image for more information

  • Temperature up to 120 C (250 F)
  • Large digital screen, adjustable contrast
  • Flow accuracy 1% of reading

 DHM 403 Bulletin (262 KB)

 DHM 403 Manual (648 KB)

Analogue Portable Flow Testers - Bi-Directional Flow Integral Units

HT 402L Analogue Hydraulic Tester

Measures flow, pressure, temperature & speed.

  • Flows 10-400 LPM.
  • Pressure up to 480 bar (6000 psi),
  • Flow accuracy 1% of full scale
  • Temperature up to 120 C (248 F),
  • Temperature accuracy 1 C ( 2 F)
  • Analogue readout,
    • Bi-directional loading valve with INTERPASS(TM) burst disc protection fitted as standard

     HT 402 Analogue Tester Brochure

     HT 402 Analogue Tester Manual

     Analogue Portable Flow Testers Brochure (455KB )

    DHCR Digital Readout Only


    Refer below for details of
    flow turbines and cables

    DHCR remote digital readout with separate digital tester readout for use with
    Webster LT flow meters. Display flow, pressure, temperature & speed

    • Flows up to 800 LPM (200 US gpm)
    • Pressure up to 480 bar (7000 psi)
    • Flow accuracy 1% of reading
    • Digital readout
    • Temperature up to 120 C (248 F)
    • Secondary flow and tacho inputs

     DHCR Digital Readout Bulletin (304 KB )

     DHRC Digital Readout Manual ( (476 KB)

    Flow Turbines

    High accuracy turbine flow meters for use with hydraulic fluids. Flows up to 800 LPM (32 US gpm). Built-in thermistor measures temperature.

     LT Flow Turbines Bulletin (329 KB )
















     LTR Flow Turbines Bulletin (586 KB )






    Turbines with sensor recognition transducer CT-SR is available in MA and V output

    Flow Indicator Test Kit RFIK - Bi-Directional

    A low cost mechanical hydraulic tester that also allows reverse flow . Measures flow, pressure and temperature. Housed in an ergonomic rugged case

    Models Available:-

    • RFIK-30 ABOT Flow Ind Kit 2-30 LPM
    • RFIK-60 ABOT Flow Ind Kit 3-60 LPM
    • RFIK-120 ABOT Flow Ind Kit 5-120 LPM
    • RFIK-200 ABOT Flow Ind Kit 10-200 LPM
  • Flows up to 200 LPM (54 gpm)
  • Four Models: 30, 60, 120 or 200 LPM
  • Pressures up to 420 bar (6000 psi)
  • Built-in loading valve
  • Temperature up to 80 C (180 F)
  • No batteries required
  • INTERPASS(TM) safety disc protection. Ideal general purpose tester for applications where high accuracy is not required.

      Flow Indicator Test Kit RFIK Bulletin (199 KB )

      Flow Indicator Test Kit RFIK Manual (195 KB )

      The RFIK 180 has been updated to 200 LMP

    Stauff Mining Underground Portable BI - Directional Flow Tester

    FTM400R - BI Directional Mining Flow Tester

    • LARGE CAPACITY 378 LPM 420 Bar
    • BI-DIRECTIONAL For unrestricted connection and simplified testing
    • LOADING VALVE Smooth control of pressure in both directions
    • SAFE Does not contain aluminium; suitable for underground use
    • SAFE Does not contain electrical / electronic circuits
    • SAFE Internal oil bypass protects system, tester and operator

      FTM400R BI- Directional Mining Flow Tester (559 KB )

    Flow Indicators - FI with Temperature

    Flow Indicators are designed for continuous monitoring or intermittent use commissioning and servicing hydraulic systems up to 420 bar, 6000 psi.

    The large clear 63mm diameter dial ensures that quick checks can be made to determine pump performance and setting of flow control valves. They can be used on mobile and industrial hydraulic circuits. Also lubrication and coolant systems using oil/water.

    The RFI reversible flow indicator is designed for continuous monitoring or intermittent use commissioning and servicing hydraulic systems to 420 bar.

     Flow Indicator FI Aluminium with Temperature (246KB )

     Reversible Flow Indicators - FI with Temperature (188KB )

    Flow indicators also available in Bronze

    HMP420 Hand-held Digital Test System

    A hand-held digital readout for use with any two sensors - Flow, Pressure, Peak, Differential Pressure, Temperature, Speed

    • Large Clear two-line LCD
    • Readout with 2 inputs
    • Any two inputs
  • Switch between minimum and peak values
  • Automatic set-up with any Sensor Recognition (SR)
  • Battery Powered rechargeable battery as standard

    Click on the image for more information

    Distributed under the Stauff PPC-04 by Oil Solutions

    HPM440, HPM460 Hand-held Data-loggers

    A powerful handheld readout & data-logger with either 4 or 6 inputs ideal for testing and diagnosing hydraulic systems

    • Display, datalog and output to a printer / computer
    • High-speed datalogging, up to 2000 points / sec
    • Use with Sensor Recognition sensors or
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Feed in other analogue signals 4-20mA and 0-5V
    • Complete with Windows(TM) compatible software

    Distributed under the Stauff PPC series by Oil Solutions

    HMP 420, 440 & 460 Kits

    The Webtec HMP 420, 440 & 460 are available in a variety of Kits

    They are state-of-the-art instruments designed to diagnose certain variables in todays hydraulic and pneumatic systems like pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow and hydraulic power. Depending on the type chosen, they can analyse, store and process all data in a PC or notebook. The Hydraulic Testers are specially designed for todays increasing demands of system monitoring, trouble-shooting and determination of important values.

    Multi testers are distributed under the Stauff brand by Oil Solutions.
    HMP 420 = Stauff PPC 04;
    HPM 440 = Stauff PPC 08;
    HPM 460 has been replaced with the HMP6000 = Stauff PPC-PAD

    Click on the picture for more information and downloads

    HPM 110

    The HPM110 is branded in Australia as the Stauff SPG-Digi. They offer an economical solution to monitoring pressure and peak pressure with a simple visual display

    • Accurate ( 0.5% Full Scale)
    • Peak Pressure - 10 ms scan rate
    • Digital display with bar graph
  • Back lit display
  • Stainless Steel wetted parts
  • Rugged design



    Distributed under the Stauff brand by Oil Solutions


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